The already lost battle


I’m afraid. I’m afraid of my true beliefs about the important things in my life. I’m afraid of all the things I know or I think I know about whatever surrounds me and builds up my universe.

I am a soft guy with strong cynical beliefs  regarding love, friendship, family. Most of the times I try to look the other way, but I can feel it in my gut; I know how things will turn out and can’t do anything about it. It’s a painful process. I cannot take things lightly, despite my so often attempt to educate myself to do so.

I came to realize that you cannot take things lightly once you know you got into a fight that’s already lost. With life, I mean. I feel like so. I’m fighting a battle that’s already lost. I have no hopes, I just don’t want to go down without a fight. That’s the only reason I don’t give up. That’s all I am, a soldier fighting a lost battle.

Aren’t we all?


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