Goodnes gracious great balls of fire – day one

Not quite sure if I should keep my opinions to myself or not. It is my first trip out of the country and it doesn’t feel as hype as it should be. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I don’t really remember when. Oh well.

I am writing this post in English because a few hours ago I figured out that it really needs some practice. Since this is a train heading to Budapest, you can connect the dots and assume that it is full of foreigners. Well, that is very true. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in a 3rd degree encounter, haha, and came to realize that I am no longer capable of having a decent and coherent conversation in any other language than my own. Mostly because my social awkwardness has taken over thy psyche and I struggle to act normal. Nevertheless, I’ve found out that the girl who’s standing next to me is a fellow photographer with a bunch more experience than me. A big bunch more. It reminded me that even if I’ve come a long way, I still have a long way to go.

As „we speak” I’m witnessing a beautiful sunset somewhere in the middle of Romania. I’ve put my camera back in the backpack just because I don’t want to share these pictures. This first trip of mine is solely mine (visually). At least at certain key moments. You’ll see the festival photos on the web, anyway.

I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to document this sort of initiation journey. I find it funny because it brings back memories from the time I was studying fairytales in high school, when the main character was supposed to pass through an entire initiation adventure before he truly became a hero and saved the girl. Mwell, I am no hero, yet and surely don’t have any girl to save.. okay, maybe there is somebody waiting for my return, back home, but I have no dragons, monsters and co. to fight.

And since I started to be very random again, I shall end this post right now. Whatever the outcome of this assignment/trip/holiday will be, I promise myself that I’ll do better next time.



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